Humana Gold Plus Medicare Advantage Plan

The Humana Gold Plus Medicare Advantage plan has a wide range of coverage for Long Island seniors. Humana has contracted with Medicare to provide you with services that aren’t covered by Medicare Parts A & B. With Gold Plus HMO Plans, your out-of-pocket costs are reduced and more predictable than with the majority of other plans.

You may enroll in a Humana Gold Plus Medicare Advantage Plan only during specific times of the year.

Below is a summary of the Humana Gold Plus Medicare Advantage Plan:

Office Visit for Primary Doctor$10 copay for each primary care doctor visit for Medicare-covered benefits.
Office Visit for Specialist$10 to $25 copay for each specialist visit for Medicare-covered benefits.
Doctor ChoicePlan Doctor Only
Annual DeductibleNone
Out-of-Pocket Maximum$4,900
Prescription Drug CoverageYes
Prescription Drug DeductibleNone
Physical Exams$0 copay for all preventive services covered under Original Medicare at zero cost sharing.
Emergency Room$65 copay for Medicare-covered emergency room visits. $25,000 plan coverage limit for emergency services outside the U.S. every year.
Outpatient Lab/X-Ray$0 to $25 copay for Medicare-covered lab services. $0 to $50 copay for Medicare-covered diagnostic procedures and tests. $10 to $50 copay for Medicare-covered X-rays.
Outpatient Surgery$250 copay for each Medicare-covered ambulatory surgical center visit. $0 to $250 copay [or 20% of the cost] for each Medicare-covered outpatient hospital facility visit.
Urgent Care$10 to $25 copay for Medicare-covered urgently needed care visits.
HospitalizationNo limit to the number of days covered by the plan each hospital stay. For Medicare-covered hospital stays: Days 1 – 7: $175 copay per day; Days 8 – 90: $0 copay per day; $0 copay for each additional hospital day.
Outpatient Rehabilitation Services$10 copay for Medicare-covered Occupational Therapy visits. $10 copay for Medicare-covered Physical and/or Speech and Language Therapy visits.
Skilled Nursing FacilityPlan covers up to 100 days each benefit period; No prior hospital stay is required. For SNF stays: Days 1 – 5: $0 copay per day; Days 6 – 20: $50 copay per day; Days 21 – 100: $100 copay per day.
Home Health Care$0 copay for each Medicare-covered home health visit.
HospiceYou must get care from a Medicare-certified hospice.
Dental Services$0 copay for the following preventive dental benefits: – $0 copay for up to 1 oral exam(s) every year; – $0 copay for up to 1 cleaning(s) every year; – $0 copay for up to 1 dental x-ray(s) every year. $25 copay for Medicare-covered dental benefits.
Hearing ServicesIn general, routine hearing exams and hearing aids not covered. – $25 copay for Medicare-covered diagnostic hearing exams.
Vision Services$0 copay for one pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery. – $0 to $25 copay for exams to diagnose and treat diseases and conditions of the eye. – $0 copay for up to 1 supplemental routine eye exam(s) every year.
Chiropractic Coverage$20 copay for each Medicare-covered visit. Medicare-covered chiropractic visits are for manual manipulation of the spine to correct subluxation (a displacement or misalignment of a joint or body part) if you get it from a chiropractor or other qualified providers.
Outpatient Mental Health Coverage$25 copay for each Medicare-covered individual therapy visit, $25 copay for each Medicare-covered group therapy visit, $25 copay for each Medicare-covered individual therapy visit with a psychiatrist, $25 copay for each Medicare-covered group therapy visit with a psychiatrist, $25 copay for the cost for Medicare-covered partial hospitalization program services.
Humana Medicare Advantage Plans NY

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