Applying for Medicare Parts A & B Online

The link below is for new enrollment in applying for Medicare Parts A & B.

People need to enroll in both Medicare Part A & B if they are not enrolled in Social Security.

Beneficiaries enrolled in S.S. automatically enroll in Medicare Part A.

You need BOTH parts of Medicare A & B if:

  • you are turning 65 or
  • you never enrolled in Part A when still working

Here’s step by step directions & images to get where you need to go for applying for Medicare Parts A & B online:

1 – Go to

2 – Go to the main MENU on the top right of the page.

3 – Under Benefits, click MEDICARE.

Applying for Medicare Part A & B Online

4 – Scroll down to the section titled HOW TO APPLY ONLINE FOR JUST MEDICARE.

5 – Click the blue button titled APPLY FOR MEDICARE ONLY.

Applying for Medicare Part A & B Online

That’s it folks. As always, if you prefer to have someone help you with applying for Medicare, please reach out to me today.

For more info. on Medicare enrollment & coverage options for the Long Island, New York area, call (631) 777-7373 or email Peter Devine today:

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