Healthfirst Insurance Co.

Group health insurance is an excellent option for groups, such as employers, professional associations, or unions, to obtain health insurance at a discount.

Group health insurance plans are available through Peter Devine. If you are looking for a group health insurance plan, Healthfirst is a popular option available in New York.

The plans available through Healthfirst are comprehensive. They cover preventative care, lab work, hospital visits, prescription drugs and mental health services.

Excellent for families, Healthfirst offers strong maternity care and plans can include children’s dental and vision. Health insurance plans also cover non-traditional services, such as acupuncture. Healthfirst does not only offer medical insurance: dental and vision coverage is also available.

Healthfirst plans are not only cost effective for the group itself, they offer individual members options to keep out of pocket costs down.

They help insureds access affordable medical care by offering no-cost tele-medicine services and no-cost annual checkups. The costs to individual insureds are further defrayed as many plans offer subsidies for gym membership. These benefits are among the reasons that Healthfirst plans are the most popular in all 5 boroughs of New York City and Nassau County.

Getting your organization an effective and affordable plan through Healthfirst has never been more affordable. Effective January 1, 2020, Healthfirst has reduced rates for all new clients by 4.7%. If you organization currently has a different health plan, you may be able to save by changing insurance plans.

If interested in finding out whether Healthfirst is right for your group plan needs, contact Peter Devine (631) 777-7373.

Peter can provide you with information regarding benefits and rates to help guide you to the right group plan for your organization.

Peter Devine is educated on the most current plans and policies of nearly every major carrier. He will help you choose the best plan for your own specific needs.

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