Peter Devine: A Medicare Broker You Can Reach

Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Part D plans, Medicare Advantage, formularies, Medigap policies: these are just some of myriad health insurance choices facing Medicare eligible individuals. This dizzying array of options is only complicated by various coverage designs of individual insurers, each complete with individualized provider networks and drug formularies. We know this can seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, if you live in New York and are tired of trying to navigate your options on your own, Peter is here to help.

This site has a number of articles designed to help you understand the contours of the various plans that can be combined with traditional Medicare. However, there is no substitute for personalized, concierge broker services.

That is exactly what is available to Medicare eligible individuals living in New York State by calling Peter Devine (631) 777-7373.

If you want expert assistance in selecting the right healthcare coverage to complement your Medicare coverage, you have an ally in Peter Devine. The number above is Peter’s own. Peter will answer your call himself or return your call promptly. If he’s unavailable, just leave a message with your name, number, and reason for calling.

With Peter, you’ll never speak to a robot, try to navigate through a complicated phone tree, or sit on hold while being transferred between various people to get assistance.

Peter Devine can use his Medicare expertise to help you find the right plan for your financial and health situation. He will listen to your personal situation, including your budget, health conditions, healthcare needs, and prescribed drugs, and then use that information to navigate you to the plan that best fits your personal needs.

Your Medicare broker will take note of any information you provide to help navigate you to the right coverage in confidence. Peter Devine does not share or sell personal information, and any sensitive personal information is used solely to help you select the best plan for your personal situation.

Peter Devine Medicare Long Island

The concierge services provided by Peter Devine won’t cost you a dime: the plans offered through your Medicare broker are the same that you might obtain on your own. Indeed, by directing you to a plan that best fits your personal situation, Peter Devine can save you money over the long run. Best of all, Peter can save you the time and stress of reviewing the dozens of plan options available while giving you the confidence that you are receiving the best coverage for you.

With Peter Devine, obtaining the appropriate coverage for your individual needs is just a simple phone call away for Medicare-eligible individuals living in New York. Call Peter today to get the right coverage and take control of your healthcare costs.

For more information on Medicare coverage options for the Long Island, NY area, call (631) 777-7373 or email Peter Devine today: